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Start With Why?

“We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within” – Earl Nightingale.

Whatever your current situation may be, no matter how bad it may look you have, within you, the power to change the direction of your life for the better through the pursuit of worthy goals. At Vula Unlock we motivate and inspire all generations!

Our solution focused Brain Based Coaching aims at facilitating positive change by improving thinking. We shift your paradigm through the highly acclaimed ‘Thinking Into Results’ program created by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Our final goal is to stimulate a healthy positive attitude, an exceptional level of self-discipline and a resolve that can move mountains to achieve exceptional results.


Executive Coaching

The Global economic climate is best described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - VUCA. In this high-pressure environment your best business decisions, your optimum work- life balance, or your ideal career path may not be immediately obvious, and our personalized, brain-based coaching will help you to unlock the right frame of mind to provide dynamic, fluid, effective solutions for yourself and your business.

Career Coaching

Whether you are an artist, a sportsperson, or a young professional looking for some direction, there's always room for improvement in your vocation. At Vula Unlock we aim to understand you, your unique outlook on life, and your career goals to best inspire and motivate you to reach your full potential. We want you to perform at your highest level, and to get the best out yourself and your career. We will assist you to set SMART goals, track your progress and help you navigate your  path on your way to being the best version of yourself.

Life Coaching

It's time to take control of your life, to rediscover your true self, and to set and achieve all your personal development goals. In essence, we want you to be real with yourself and what you are capable of. What do really want? Through our solution focused brain-based coaching, we help you identify your 'wants', desires and dreams.  We then help you create goals and design strategies and a road-map to achieve them. 

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Vula Regulatory Services

Your Regulations Assisants

We draw upon 34 years of regulatory experience to bring you Vula Regulatory Services. The services we offer are:

  • Compliance Strategies,

  • Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategies,

  • Antitrust/Competition Law Strategies. 

  • Corporate Governance Consultancy. 

Vula Unlock Consulting Coaching Services

Thinking Into Results Coaching Programme – 24 Weeks

A 24 week process for creating new, desired results.

Lead The Field Coaching – 4 months

A 4 month coaching programme where we explain the laws of the
universe, including the spiritual aspects of successful living.

Brain-Based Coaching – 12 Sessions

12 sessions over 12 or 24 weeks where we facilitate positive change
by improving thinking. The programme includes goal, milestone,
action setting, monitoring, tracking and mentoring.

Brain-Based Coaching – 2 hours

An 2 hour session to develop a clear roadmap for your goals. The
programme includes goals, milestones and action setting.

Brain-Based Coaching – 1 hour

A 1 hour goal setting session where we facilitate you to create your
inspiring goals for a successful future.

Dilemma Coaching – 45 min

A 45 minute session to help you to get unstuck – Move from impasse
to insight and then to action.


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